Master of Advanced Studies in the History and Theory of Architecture
Qualification profile

The MAS programme introduces students to the methodology of critical historic analysis and empowers them to carry out academic (humanistic) research on their own. The MAS sees itself as an educational institution in the spirit of Wilhelm von Humboldt, i.e. it understands humanistic research as part and parcel of an educational programme that also spells out interdisciplinary relationships. Our courses offer further training, in particular to practising architects as well as graduates in related subjects. The Institute sees itself not only as a place where knowledge is communicated, but also as a forum of exchange at university level between students of different subjects, mainly of architecture, but also of related disciplines. Thus, gta’s MAS ‘The History and Theory of Architecture’ strengthens the involvement of the ETH Department of Architecture in the current architectural discourse in Switzerland and forms an important interface between architectural university education and practice, which ensures direct exchanges and a two-way transfer of knowledge.